Promoting your Event is Easy!

We can help you get started! Here are some guidelines.

Should I even book my event?

You should book your event if…

  • You are planning to use church space, or
  • You want people inside and outside the church to know about your event, or
  • You just want to be seen on the church calendar.

How do I book my event?

Here is what to do….

  • Speak with a Ministry Team Leader, a Pastor, or the Church Administrator, and obtain permission to book your event.
  • Then complete the Event Request Form. Your information will be delivered to our Calendar Secretary.
  • When your event has been placed on the calendar, you will be notified by email.

Book an Event

Should I promote my event?

You should promote your event if…

  • It is a church function, and
  • It happens infrequently, or
  • It is significant in size or reach, or
  • You want to reach a wide audience, or
  • You want to sell tickets.

You should not promote your event if…

  • It is not a church function, or
  • Your audience is small, or
  • Your event is a regularly occurring meeting.

Example of events you should promote…

  • a concert, like ‘Carrie Newcomer’
  • a conference, like ‘We Come With Joy’
  • an annual ministry event, like ‘VBS’
  • a lecture series, like ‘Weekend Intensives’
  • a regular fundraiser, like ‘Waffle House’

Example of events you should not promote…

  • a small group, like ‘Book Club’
  • a regular meeting, like ‘Council Meetings’
  • a regular luncheon

Note: You  still need to book your event, even if you don’t want to promote it.

How can I promote my event…

Promote your event via our communications venues.

  • Decide if your event should be promoted.
  • To promote your event, complete and submit the form below. Your information will be delivered to the editors of the venues you selected.
  • The more thorough the information you provide, the better we can promote your event.

Venues include….

  • CURRENTS Newsletter – emailed weekly
    • distributed via email to almost 500 readers.
    • use CURRENTS to get the word out quickly.
  • Facebook Group – our private community
    • anyone can request membership, then post and read others’ posts.
    • use our Facebook group to share with your friends.
  • Facebook Page – our public profile
    • this is our outward-facing FB presence.
    • use this if you want to reach out to the world.
  • Website event promotion page – custom built
    • use the website to convey more complicated events.
    • include photos, forms, links, etc.
    • typically, this calls for some design work, which we can provide.
  • Targeted website event listing – ‘upcoming events’
    • these can appear on any page of our website.
    • your event can be targeted to one or more of these, or just the Home page.

What should I provide to promote my event?

Gathering the information to promote your event is your responsibility.

  • A brief event name or header.
  • Your complete copy. This can be as long as you like, but at least one paragraph. It should identify the event sponsor and explain why the event is happening. Tell what will happen, why it is special, who it appeals to, and why someone should attend.
  • The event date and time.
  • The event location.
  • At least one, and as many as three, high-resolution images. These can be photos or stock images.
  • Contact information.
  • Information about tickets, if applicable.

What are your deadlines?

Please observe these guidelines when submitting your requests and/or materials…

  • CURRENTS (weekly email newsletter) – Wednesdays by 1pm.
  • Facebook (as needed) – as soon as possible, but at least one week prior.
  • Website (as needed) – as soon as possible, but at least one week prior.

Event Communication and Promotion Form

Step 1
Provide a brief name that describes the event you are promoting, like ‘2014 Harmony Creek Service Auction’ or ‘Alliance of Baptists National Worship Gathering’. A maximum of 50 characters is about right.

Provide all the copy you wish us to include. This should be at least one paragraph, but can be as long as you like. If you prefer, you can upload a document you’ve already prepared.

Supporting Documents

External Website

Tell us when and where your event is happening. You can provide a venue name and address, room name or number, or anything else that is applicable.

Event Time

Provide at least one, and up to three, high-resolution images, in .png or .jpg format. Very small or low-resolution images are not good choices.

Upload an Image

Provide your contact information.

Contact information to list on the website?

STEP 6 (Optional)
If you wish to sell tickets online, provide the following additional information. Someone will likely contact you to confirm setup for your tickets.

Ticket Prices

Ticket Sales Begin

Ticket Sales Stop

Indicate which venues you are interested in using by checking one or more boxes below. Editors reserve the right to decide if a given venue is appropriate.