Worship  ministry

Through corporate worship and personal devotion, we will express gratitude and adoration to God for God’ steadfast and sure presence that is with us and for us, that is best experienced as love and goodness, and that calls us to courage and faith.

Justice & Witness Ministries

Through discovering our God-given gifts and passions and offering them in unselfish service, we will be known as servants of God and followers of Jesus in the world who humbly attempt to make a difference in the lives of people, in the Church and in the world through ministries of compassion, through justice advocacy and actions, by waging peace, and being a healing, hopeful presence.

Spiritual Formation Ministries

Through exercising personal and corporate spiritual practices, we will intentionally seek to deepen our experience of the Still Speaking God, to be transformed by that experience, to grow in Christian maturity and identity, and to be a lively and compelling expression of Jesus’ Beloved Community.

Care Ministries

Our Care Ministry team offers and coordinates care and nurture of the church community through ministries of prayer, presence and actions in keeping with the church’s stated mission of Communicating God’s Grace.

Stewardship and Financial Development Ministries

Our Stewardship and Financial Development Ministry team assists the membership in stewarding their time, talents, and treasure, through pledge campaigns, year-round stewardship events including education about Memorial Funds, wills, gifts and endowments, and by coordinating all of the church’s fundraising efforts.

Welcome Ministries

Through word and deed, we will proclaim the good news of God”s marvelous grace and abounding love for all people and will invite all people to a lively and meaningful personal and corporate faith journey, acknowledging Jesus of Nazareth as our Christ, as our gate to the realm of God, while at the same time recognizing the faithfulness of other people who have other names for the gateway to God’s realm.

Fellowship Ministries

Our Fellowship Ministry team fosters fellowship and deepening relationships through church social events, supports the church’s various ministries through food service, and manages the church’s kitchen.

Communications Ministries

Our Communications Ministry team communicates the programs and news of the church and its membership in a timely, responsible, and informative way, through various media.