Ruth Hopkins


Rev. Ruth Hopkins is a Pastor of Harmony Creek Church and focuses on Adult Education, Communications, and Member Care.

Reared in the UCC, she received her Bachelor of Piano Performance and Music Theory degrees from Wright State University. She was trained as a mentor of theological reflection groups through Education for Ministry, a program of the Episcopal Church administered out of the University of the South. She remained a mentor for over 10 years.

After several years working as an independent piano teacher and Parish Administrator, Ruth entered seminary, earning her Master of Divinity Degree from United Theological Seminary in Dayton, OH.

She currently serves on the Southwest Ohio Northern Kentucky Association’s Members in Discernment Team. She also is the Chair of the Pastoral Excellence/Clergy Communities of Practice program and facilitates an Integration class for seminarians at United Theological seminary.

Ruth has a passion for Progressive Christianity as it relates to worship and education. She is currently working on developing a progressive core curriculum based on the Lectionary.

Ruth shares her life with her husband, Bob, and two large collies. She enjoys music, books, old movies and adding to their dirt collection.