We employ two Council bodies to conduct the affairs of the church. Both are accountable to the congregation. The Operations Council is concerned with the ‘business’ side of church affairs – Physical Plant, Human Resources, Finance, Legalities, and the like. This leaves the Ministry Council free to concentrate on programming, including outreach, care ministries, and justice.

Ministry Council

Brian Terry

Calendar Secretary

Kathy Swensen

Chair Elect

Sue Voisard


Michelle Alexander

Care Team Leader

Marilyn Priser

Volunteer Secretary

Bev Jenkins

Fellowship Team Leader

John Cummings

Communications Team Leader

Mary Kirkendall

Justice & Witness Team Leader

Marcia Brawner

Spiritual Formation Team Leader

Ed Pettit

Stewardship/Financial Dev. Team Leader

Kathy Swensen

Welcome Team Leader

Elva Blatt

Worship Team Leader

Operations Council

LaPearl L. Winfrey


Peggy Stark

Moderator Elect

James Burke


Kathy Wiedeman

Finance Committee Chair

Teresa Braden

Properties Committee Chair 2018

Josh Umbaugh

Properties Committee

Eric Nash

Properties Committee

Marlin Boyd

Finance Committee

Deb Holder

HR Committee Chair

Mark Kennedy

HR Committee

Mike Carman

HR Committee

David Morse

Finance Committee

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