You may request the services of our pastor or other ministers in our church. You may also request the use of our building for your special day. If our building is not large enough to accommodate your Marriage (our church is limited to Weddings of 300-350 people or less), you still may request the services of our pastor and he will recommend other United Church of Christ churches for your use in the area that will be able to accommodate your service. However, you will have to abide by the building polices and fees set by those churches.

By asking our pastor to perform your service of Marriage, it is assumed that you are thereby requesting a worship service. You are saying in essence, “We invite God into our marriage and wish to make our vows before God and our family and friends.”

Your service of Marriage may be as elaborate or as simple as you desire. Whether public or private, large or small, you will want to make this ceremony as beautiful, meaningful and reverent as possible. This requires careful preparation and planning.

Wedding Application

Wedding Booklet – Two Become One

Wedding FAQ

Setting the date

BEFORE SETTING THE DATE AND TIME, please call the church office at 937-434-3941 to inquire about the availability of the Pastor and/or the church building for both the service and/or rehearsal.

Harmony Creek Church requests that weddings not be scheduled on traditional holiday celebrations. Any exception to this request must be negotiated with the pastor and wedding coordinator and higher fees will be expected.


When ordering your invitations, the suggested form for the address of the Church is:
Harmony Creek Church
United Church of Christ
5280 Bigger Rd.
Dayton, Ohio 45440


A marriage license may be obtained through Montgomery County or any Ohio county. No blood tests are required in the State of Ohio. As costs and requirements vary from county to county, please apply within 3-5 weeks prior to your planned wedding date. Please bring the license with you to the rehearsal or if there is no rehearsal, please present it to the pastor prior to the wedding service. In all cases, the marriage license must be delivered to the Pastor or minister officiating at your service before the Wedding Ceremony may begin.

Order of Worship

Couples are reminded that services of Marriage are first and foremost a service of worship and celebration. The pastor or other minister from Harmony Creek Church will be happy to work with you in designing a service that is uniquely yours.


In any service of Marriage, music will greatly add to the experience. The pastor or wedding coordinator will be happy to supply you with the names of qualified keyboardists and soloists from Harmony Creek Church that may meet your needs.

Photography / Video

Photographers (and worshippers) are asked NOT to take pictures during the service. Processional and Recessional pictures may be taken from the rear of the church, provided the movements of the wedding party are not blocked in any way.). Other pictures may be taken before or after the service.

The Pastor will be happy to re-enact any part of the service which you would like recorded in pictures. Please arrange to have all pictures with the Pastor taken as soon after the service as possible.

Couples wishing to have their service video taped are encouraged to speak to the Pastor. For best results a video camera may be located in the sound booth or at the back of the sanctuary. At no time may the camera be moved from one location to another during the service.


Please consult your local florists for various decorations for your consideration. It is not permissible to use nails, tacks or tape when decorating. If you wish to leave your floral decorations for use during the weekend worship service, please inform the wedding coordinator of your plans IN ADVANCE.

Aisle candles, candelabra with candles, aisle runners and pew ribbons are available through the florists or rental companies. Flower petals may only be dropped on aisle runners and may not be dropped on any carpeted area.

Coordinator / Custodian

When the use of the building is requested for services of Marriage, the services of the Wedding Coordinator and Custodian are REQUIRED to prepare the church for the service and to clean up following the service. The cost of this service will be included in the fees charged.

The Wedding Coordinator will help you with preparations and details pertaining to the use of the church building, calendaring and collection of fees. She or he will coordinate arrangements for the use of our facilities for the rehearsal and the ceremony. She or he will be present at the rehearsal and the ceremony and give assistance to the wedding party. She or he understands our procedures and will advise you on any questions that may arise.

The Custodian will clean the church and prepare the building for use before and after any rehearsal and ceremony.


Many couples provide worshippers with a bulletin. Most religious bookstores carry a variety of bulletin covers or you may design your own. It is the responsibility of the couple to purchase, type and reproduce these bulletins. Prior to having them printed, it is a good idea to have the order of the service finalized with the Pastor or other officiating minister. Please check the minister for the proper way to list their names and titles in the bulletin. Our pastor’s name should be listed as: The Rev. Dr. Michael D. Castle.


A rehearsal date should be set at the same time the date for the service of Marriage is set. The usual time for the rehearsal is the evening before the wedding. However, other times are possible if negotiated in advance.

One hour should be allowed for the rehearsal. The entire wedding party, ushers and parents, are expected to be present. All musicians participating in the service are also expected to be present.

The rehearsal is expected to start on time and end on time. All paid personnel from Harmony Creek Church who are present at the rehearsal, including the pastor or other minister, wedding coordinator, sound technicians, and musicians, who must stay longer than one hour past the rehearsal starting time due to the rehearsal not starting on time will be paid an additional $25.00 each for every half hour, or portion thereof, that the rehearsal runs late. Payment of this fee will be expected on the night of the rehearsal or you will forfeit their services for the ceremony and all previous fees paid will be non-refundable. Please instruct your wedding party as to the serious and costly ramifications of not starting the rehearsal promptly. If one or two people in your wedding party is not able to make the rehearsal due to travel or other unexpected difficulties, the rehearsal should commence on time and someone in the wedding party will be asked to catch them up later.

Day of Wedding

The entire wedding party, (Bride, Groom, Attendants, Ushers, Family Members, etc.) are encouraged to be at the church no later than 45 minutes prior to the service. This will allow time for last minute details, plus it will also allow the Wedding Party a few moments to gain composure before the ceremony. The Church will provide changing space for the Bride and her attendants, and for the Groom and his attendants as needed.

Under no circumstances should the service of Marriage start later than the established starting time. The pastor or minister will have the authority to cancel the wedding if it does not commence within 15 minutes of the established starting time and all fees will remain non-refundable.

No Rice

The church requests that rice or any other substance that might prove harmful to persons, property or nature not be thrown on church property. Bird seed and bubbles are permissible but are only permitted on the outside of the building.

No Smoking

Harmony Creek Church requests that there be no smoking inside the building or near the entrance before or during the ceremony.


All damages caused to Harmony Creek Church’s building or equipment as a direct result of your rehearsal or ceremony are your responsibility.

Expenses and Fees

Covenant Members of Harmony Creek Church with active standing when the initial inquiry about a wedding service is made shall be granted the use of the building and the services of the pastor without charge. It is also expected that active covenant members contributions to the church reflect an amount equal to that which is being charged non-members. This amount should have been given to the church at least two-weeks prior to the wedding in the calendar year of the ceremony. A small, non-refundable reservation deposit will be required to place the wedding on the church calendar. However, fees for other services and personnel will apply. Active Covenant Members who are the parents of the bride or groom may secure the services of the pastor and building without charge as well.

All fees for your wedding are to be paid in full two (2) weeks prior to the wedding and are non-refundable thereafter. Failure to pay the fees on time may result in the forfeiture of services. Please make check payable to Harmony Creek Church. When a wedding is canceled anytime before full payment is received, the Reservation Deposit is not refunded.

A schedule of our fees is included on the Wedding Application Form.

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